DOD-L-85645 A updated to AMS 2530 A

“Military Specification, Lubricant, Dry Thin film, Molecular Bonded”

WS2 Parts

How We Apply DOD-L-85645

AMS 2530 is the most recent mill spec for Tungsten Disulfide but if a drawing was made before 2007 the tungsten disulfide specification will be DOD-L-85645. There are many modified tungsten disulfide blends going under different brand names that reference DOD-L-85645 A, but the specification was written for tungsten disulfide (WS2) and tungsten disulfide is what we do.

DOD-L-85645 A vs. AMS 2530 A

The biggest difference between DOD-L-85645 A and AMS 2530 A is that AMS 2530 defines and clarifies the procedure of DOD-L-85645 A. DOD-L-85645 does not state a processing method it only gives suggestions in the appendix. However to pass the tests stated in DOD-L-85645 A an impingement method is necessary.

Still 100% Impinged

We process with Tungsten Disulfide (WS2). The Mil Spec DOD-L-85645 A alludes to impingement but doesn’t specifically state an application method.