Tungsten Disulphide was developed by NASA as a lubricant for the Mariner deep space probes where the high vacuum and temperature render conventional lubricants unsuitable.

Since then it has found uses as a specialised engineering lubricant and in the plastics industry as a permanent (coated on) release agent.

Until now WS2 (WS2) has only been available in the USA and Japan.


Nicklon-Plus® creates an excellent release condition on no draft cores, cavities, deep ribs , bosses & EDM on compression or injection tooling. Outstanding corrosion and staining is generally eliminated with Nicklon-Plus®.

Results with Nicklon-Plus® may vary due to mold design, resin properties and operating parameters.

Due to the homogeneous distribution of autocatalytic nickel and PTFE, there is a continual renewal of PTFE as the mold surface sustains normal wear.