Niklon-Plus® has been developed as a surface treatment to address the toughest of moulding challenges. It is eco-friendly given that it is not a silicone based solution.

Ideal Applications:

Nicklon aids in release on straight no-draft cores, cavities, deep ribs, bosses or E.D.M. It also ais in corrosion protection for gas producing resins such as PVC.

Experience has proven this coating to be invaluable in many various molding applications. Nicklon’s self-lubricating properties work well in grease-free molding conditions. Slides, ejector pins, and bushings work smoothly and gall-free.

Results with Nicklon may vary due to mold design, resin properties and operating parameters.

Product Specifications:

Nickel: 80-83% by weight
Phosphorus: 9-11% by weight
PTFE (Polytetrafluroethylene: 8-9% by weight

Density: 6.5 to 7.5 g/cm3

Hardness HVN100: 400-500 or ap. 41-45 HRC

Coefficient of friction, ASTM D-2714:
Dry: 0.2 or less
Wet: 0.1 or less

Surface Finish, Ra: 0.5 micrometers or better

Wear Resistance (Sliding Surfaces): Low load/moderate speed or moderate load/low speed

Taber Abraser Wear (1,000 cycles, CS-10 wheel 1,000g load):
As plated: 16mg
Heated treated, 480oF (250oC), 6 hours: 12mg

Corrosion Resistance, ASTM B-117:
0.5 mil: 650 hours
1.0 mil: 1,000 hours