Application Areas Include:-

High Vacuum, High Temperature, Clean Room, Aerospace, Nuclear, Cryogenics, Machine Tools, Racing Engines, Cutting Tools, Die Casting.


Stop Wasting Time and Money On:-

Sticking Cores, Moulds not filling properly, Parts sticking in the mould, Pickup on moving mould parts, Lubricant Contamination, Streaking & Drag Marks.


Major Benefits of WS2 for the Automotive Industry:-

Increases productivity – more parts per hour – parts not sticking in the mould. Enhances the flow of resin in moulds due to its low coefficient of friction. Parts release quicker.


Ideal Applications:-

Nicklon aids in release on straight no-draft cores, cavities, deep ribs, bosses or E.D.M. It also aids in corrosion protection for gas producing resins such as PVC.